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Paula Cole’s tenth album, Revolution, fulfills the promise of her 1994 debut. Titled Harbinger, it hinted at what was to come in the singer-songwriter’s life and career. It didn’t so much foreshadow her subsequent accomplishments: the double-platinum second album, This Fire; her hit singles “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” and “I Don’t Want To Wait,” her Best New Artist Grammy and an additional six Grammy nominations; or becoming a Grammy-nominated producer and founder of her own 675 record label. But Harbinger signaled Cole’s dedication to breaking the silence of generations of women and giving voice to those left behind by history.

All songs by Paula Cole except “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”
All songs copyright 2019.
Produced by Paula Cole and Chris Bruce
Engineered, Mixed by Pete Min
Additional engineering by Matt Malikowski
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Photographed by Tim Llewellyn
Designed by Frank Olinsky

Track List

Intro: Revolution (Is A State Of Mind) w Bob Thompson and Nona Hendryx

Shake The Sky w Darcel Wilson

Blues In Gray


Go On

All Or Nothing

7 Deadly Sins w Meshell N’Degeocello

The Ecology (Mercy Mercy Me)

Undertow (One Life Lost) w Darcel Wilson

Universal Empathy


LP bonus tracks:
Hope Is Everywhere
St. Cecilia


On Revolution Cole tells a wider story of all those sidelined by gender, age and race, beginning with her great-grandmother Charlotte, who hovers like a restless spirit over the album, first making an appearance in “Blues in Gray,” in which generational choices are forced upon her, obliging her to choose marriage over education, household drudgery over self-realization.

Charlotte also appears in the tour de force, “Silent,” the final song written for the album. More short story than song, it’s painful and specific: Cole’s voice trembles with uncomfortable memories of being a witness to abuse and then a victim of it herself. But it is not a victim’s tale, it’s the account of someone who learned that keeping quiet causes much more harm than speaking out -- even though she hears her great-grandmother’s voice in her head instructing her to “hush.” She has come to regret that unspoken advice over the years, and that realization is one of the inspirations for this album. On Revolution, Paula Cole speaks out, testifying loudly for all those who did not.

So, after the stirring mission statement of “Revolution (Is a State of Mind),” Cole pillages her own life, exploring familial and personal wounds, not sparing herself or those closest to her in her insistence on telling important and sometimes terrible truths.

It’s all grist for Cole’s mill, because she feels she owes that kind of honesty to her audiences. She is talking to the tribe, and in showing who she is, she allows them to see themselves more clearly. Because if anything, art is a mirror.
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Boston Globe

Using sparse yet warm arrangements, [Paula Cole] puts on a master class in vocal interpretation, exploring the nuances of time-honored songs with timeless wonder.


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